Parents want to know…

Is my kid doing OK?
How are they handling this new school?
Is the divorce taking a toll on my children?
Are they suffering from too many extracurricular activities?
Is my kid experimenting with drugs or alcohol?

Research tells us that parents consistently over estimate their child’s happiness. And with teenagers, who knows? The last person they want to share anything with is a parent. So how do parents stay on top of their child’s well-being but more importantly ensure their emotional resiliency? They turn them on to K’Bro! Here’s a chance to give your child a game that’s good for them and fun all at the same time. K’Bro teaches emotional literacy, self-advocacy and better coping skills.

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K’Bro is an emotional resiliency app that is addictingly fun to play while developing skills to manage difficulties in a child’s life. Moreover, it can be an early indicator that something is not quite right, facilitating parental engagement and other interventions.

Part game/part anonymous sharing/part knowledgebase, K’Bro is a safe place to share your thoughts and emotions and get advice on how to deal with life’s challenges while getting validation on how well you’re doing through the “Am I OK?” index.

Deep learning using semantic search and natural language processing of emotions expressed and issues raised via anonymous sharing will produce a daily “Am I OK?” index score to let kids and their parents know how well they’re doing, alerting parents when there is cause for concern.
K’Bro was founded by Patrina Mack, a mom who has taken all the knowledge she acquired raising a teenager to develop a fun tool to build emotional resiliency. K’Bro is run by a seasoned team of experts in game design, deep learning, product development, counselors in adolescent assessment, and parents.
  • Patrina Mack
    Product/Market Fit Expert
    Patrina Mack is CEO and founder of K’Bro. She is a board member of the Mental Research Institute. Prior to founding K’Bro, Patrina founded Vision & Execution in 1999. V&E served as interim sales, marketing and product development support for global clients including Agilent, BeVocal (acquired by Nuance), Cisco, DataStreams (Korea), Dream Audio Lab (Singapore), e-Cumulate (acquired by HP), Fasoo (Korea), GroundSource Geothermal, Intuit, Macromedia, NetIQ Corporation, Oblicore (acquired by Computer Associates), Traverse Networks (acquired by Avaya), Visa, Voxify, Wind River (acquired by Intel) and xBrain (France). Prior to that, she lead the SaaS product development for NetGravity launching globally through IPO until being acquired by Doubleclick. Before that, she led new product initiatives domestically and internationally for PacTel Corporation through its spinoff and IPO to become AirTouch.
  • Cailin Currie
    Clinical Trials Director
    Adolescent Well-being Expert
    Cailin Currie is Doctoral Student in Applied Developmental Psychology and Instructor at Portland State University. Her area of study and practice has focused on assessments that are developmentally calibrated to investigating the unique perspective of adolescents. She has experience in all areas of large research projects including grant writing, survey creation and measurement work, development of study design and measurement creation, qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis. As part of her clinical research she has worked on large multi-million dollar grants from institutions including the William T grant Foundation, Gates foundation, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and NIH on school-based program assessments on children and adolescents social, emotional, and psychological functioning. She has also created partnerships with stakeholders in the public schools, universities, and businesses. Her training as a researcher is supplemented by previous experience working in institutionalized settings as a unit coordinator and staff developer at a 99 bed residential mental health facility before beginning her research training.
  • Alexander Chernyak
    App Developer
    Game Designer Expert
    Alexander Chernyak is the CEO of 7 Winds Studio a mobile app development company with more than 70 successful projects: apps, games, services. 7 Winds was founded in 2013 and serves Russia, Europe and the United States. Their staff includes all the necessary specialists (Android, iOS, Unity, Xamarin, Drupal, PHP), designers and animators, testers and other experts (project and game designers). Owing to modern equipment they are able to release excellent software products which have passed the full cycle of testing and debugging.
  • Louis Monier
    Technical Advisor
    Deep Learning Expert
    Louis Monier was a founder of the Internet search engine AltaVista. After he left AltaVista, he worked at eBay and then at Google. He left Google in August 2007 to join Cuil, a search engine startup. He was Vice President of Products at Cuil. He also was the co-founder and CTO of Qwiki with Doug Imbruce. Qwiki won the TechCrunch Disrupt Award in 2010 and was recently sold to Yahoo. Louis was the Chief Scientist of Proximic until July 2013, and then founded a health technology company, Kyron. He is currently Chief Scientist at and serves as Advisor, Investor and Deep Learning Faculty member at Holberton School in San Francisco. Monier received a Ph.D. in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Paris XI, France in 1980 and worked at Carnegie Mellon University, Xerox PARC, and DEC's Western Research Laboratory.
  • Gregory Renard
    Technical Advisor
    Deep Learning Expert
    Grégory “Redo” Renard is CTO & Chief Visionary Officer at xBrain, and previously was CIO at Wygwam sarl, Usilink, Regional Director at Microsoft, and Professor at ISEN. Grégory began his career in 1996 in academic research around new technologies and created his first company in 1997 in the field of web development. Greg is an expert in artificial intelligence and big data working on unsupervised deep learning, bot, personal assistant, connected things and voice/semantic search for more than 15 years. He is currently a Deep Learning Faculty member at Holberton School in San Francisco. Through his professional activities in the various companies he created, his publications (books, blogs, etc.) and conferences, he is recognized as an expert on computer technologies (especially from Microsoft with the title of Most Valuable Professional since 2003 and as Regional Director since 2006) then as a futurist and architect of innovations. Grégory continues to advise many large companies on their strategy and organization innovation. He is also a professional technical futurist speaker in different European universities and corporate events in France, Europe, and US.
Experts say:
K'Bro is a mindful breath of fresh air in the gaming world. The application blends social networking, an interactive community, gaming and AI with measurable CBT techniques. The app is a cost-effective pathway to therapy for adolescents and young adults. Dave Solsberg, MD PC, Neuroradiologist/ Inventor/Entrepreneur.
Kids say:
It helps me get through tough times, and keeps parents off my back with their checking in daily.

A game that lets you ask questions that you wouldn't talk to your friends or parents about.

Important app about communication and how I feel.

A good way to help me feel better or just try to get friends to beat my score.
Parents say:
Kids need avenues to freely express themselves without being judged or supervised by a parent. It sounds like this would be a great vehicle for kids to be honest with themselves and gain better self- awareness.

It would be good for my child to be more aware of his feelings and options and to get support from sources other than his parents.

Teens can be oppositional, especially if the recommendation is coming from their parent. I see real benefits of my child playing K’Bro.

K’Bro is the app that knows you better than you know yourself!


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